The man behind the curtain.

If the shot looks simple…
…we’ve done our job, because it probably wasn’t. Every shoot involves the efforts of a team of individuals. Digital artist Dave Kreutz is the guy behind the scenes who makes my images come together. With a background in biology, music, and photography, Dave is truly a renaissance man who is involved in all aspects of the studio. During concepting, executing, and through post production, Dave’s influences are instrumental in making my photos shine. From subtle clean-ups and stylizing to multi-shot compositions, Dave’s skill and artistry help me deliver exactly what my clients demand – beautiful images.

As Dave and I celebrate 25 years of collaboration, I want to take a moment to say – “Thank You, Dave”.

Steve Grubman

About Steve Grubman

Chicago based animal photographer Steve Grubman has been creating award winning images for over 40 years. Along with impressive Portrait, Still Life, and Architectural portfolios, Steve's uncanny connection with animals has produced an amazing body of work for such clients as Purina, Ziploc, Emerson, Abbott, Pfizer, Motorola, Paramount, and many other iconic ad campaigns.
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9 Responses to The man behind the curtain.

  1. Robin Stevens says:

    I continue to be amazed by the depth and beauty of your work. Way too infrequently is the contribution of team members recognized and applauded. Cheers to the wizard!

  2. Ellen Cohen says:

    Hi Steve,

    It’s fun to “meet” the people behind the scenes.
    Harvey’s cousin sent your blog off to her two sisters. They grew up on a diary farm.
    I love getting this blog!

  3. Lisa Eisenberg says:

    Having had the opportunity to work with you both and experience the magic…it’s an awesome thing!! You are an incredible team and it’s wonderful to acknowledge 25 years together. WOW!

  4. Dr. John J. Grubman says:

    Hi, there!!—-Just wondering if we are related at all…..I think I am the only Grubman in South Dakota, but I hail from Eileen and Arnold Grubman in Chicagoland.

  5. Matt Feikes says:

    Wow 25 years!!! You two are the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers of photography and I miss being your lackey. Keep doing what you do!

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